Slightly shitting myself!

26kg of stuff I will be lugging around.
I’m a big fan of staring at paper maps and wondering whats out there.

Well the weekend has gone pretty quick and this time tomorrow I’ll be on the plane to Chile. I was feeling pretty good about the trip until yesterday then all of a sudden the feeling came and I started slightly shitting myself.  I did exactly the opposite of what I said I was going to do over the weekend. I had plans of treating my body like a temple and relaxing but reality was I was kidding myself and I got hammered both nights. That certainly didnt help any anxiety I had about the trip. A quick phone call to Annie and her giving me shit about my pasty white complexion and asking me did I pack any lube because I will probably cop it camping out in the wild helped ease my fears and get me back on track.

Not the bike I am riding.

I’ve tried to be smart the last couple of days and pack items items that can be used for a few different purposes to help keep the weight down. Like this old sea to summit portable hiking vagina for example. I converted into a drinking device for those nights when i get thirsty. Little clever ideas like that hopefully will pay dividends in the long run.

I turned this…..
Into this!!

If i do hear any banjos while camping I’ll throw it at them and hopefully they will leave me alone. I can’t wait now to get the airport bit out of the way  and get stuck into the riding. Next time you will hear from me I’ll be in Chile with my bike in one piece (hopefully). I’ll drop you a line when i get over there.

Wish me luck

The Stylish Pedlar

6 thoughts on “Slightly shitting myself!

  1. Matty Acton…smash it bro, safe and happy travels man, will be keeping an eye on this blog, so try keep us upto date mate.


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